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Kerry Vineberg is Marketing Associate at Exponent Partners, a mission-based technology consulting firm and B Corp that helps nonprofits use information technology to carry out their missions more effectively. Her career includes experience in nonprofit, higher education and startup settings, with an emphasis on capacity-building in the nonprofit sector. She blogs about nonprofit technology, mission management, and CRMs, and uses Salesforce daily in her work. Twitter: @ExP_SF

4 Reasons Why Your Foundation Should Manage Grants with a Whole Organization Solution

This is a special guest post with roundCorner. As foundations expand in size and scope, siloed legacy systems become increasingly ineffective for grants management. We find that more foundations are placing their trust in whole organization platforms to handle all their processes around philanthropic giving. Salesforce is one

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A Whole Organization Strategy: Using Data & Systems to Demonstrate Outcomes

Outcomes thinking is having a revolutionary impact on the social sector: identifying effective programs, ensuring that funding goes to successful organizations, and generally informing decisions so that organizations can make more positive change in the world. To stay in line with the evolving sector, you should also

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Tipping Point Community

Tipping Point Community Highlights Gained 360-degree view of grantee interactions, goals, and needs Streamlined grantee project and workshop data management Improved ability to understand grantee three-year progress and plan for impact Exponent Partners has been an absolute joy to work with. You

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Spring ‘17 Salesforce Release Favorites for Nonprofits

Peter Bender Solution Architect and Lead Consultant The Salesforce release notes can be a lot to take in, but never fear. Long-time nonprofit solution architect Peter Bender has reviewed the latest features for the Salesforce Spring ‘17 release, with

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What Case Management Teams Need to Survive in 2018 and Beyond

Thomas Horst Human Services Account Manager A new year is often a time for optimism and fresh goals. That being said, we’ve heard anxiety from those we know in the human services sector throughout into 2018. There is greater

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Getting Started with Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) and Lightning Experience

Eric Magnuson Technical Sales Manager If you are interested in improving your organization’s performance by taking advantage of Salesforce and the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP), there’s truly never been a better time. First, you’re joining tens of thousands of

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Exploring the Future of Case Management with Community Housing Partnership

Human services agency Community Housing Partnership (CHP) uses Exponent Case Management to support its work with homeless individuals and families. Watch this video to learn their best practices for reducing data entry burdens and successfully adopting a system. CHP also shares how they have automated manual processes while

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Data-Driven Funders: In Search of Insights

Foundations are beginning to shift their attitudes toward data, information, and knowledge. They've recognized how critical it is to understand their social impact. In addition to simply tracking the operational details of grants management, they are leveraging continuous improvement techniques and collecting data to better understand and drive grantee outcomes. In this report,

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College Access Data & Systems: Tips From Spark

Kristi Phillips Education Solution Consultant Part II in a College Access Data Series If you’ve been following along in our series, you’ve heard how our data-driven client Spark connects underserved middle school students with transformative apprenticeships to improve their school

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Increasing Afterschool Program Impact: Data & System Best Practices

Afterschool data management is becoming increasingly critical to program improvement and organizational efficiency. Funders are also asking for proof of your results and student impact. The right processes and systems can help you save time, energy, and resources. Learn the insights you need to keep serving your students effectively.