Nonprofit MEDA Bridges Data Collection Gap for Citywide Community Partnership

At Exponent Partners, we believe that when nonprofits use data to make decisions, they can have a greater impact on their missions. We wanted to celebrate the hard work of one of our clients, Mission Economic Development Agency (MEDA), to standardize their data collection and enable data sharing

4 Tips to Report Better: Avoiding the Dreaded Null Value

Patrick Shaw Human Services Practice Manager This blog post has been reposted in modified form from Patrick Shaw’s blog, PCS in Seattle. Null sounds a lot like “dull,” but stick with me for a minute here.

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Measure Your Results for Greater Impact: Webinar on November 18!

Do you know whether your organization is using resources effectively? Could you say which programs are working? What is your true impact? If you’re still using spreadsheets or siloed databases to pull together your organizational data, you may be missing a key opportunity to quantify your results. We’re

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Scary Nonprofit Data Practices: A Halloween Homage

In the spirit of our ghoulish holiday, we decided to put together a brief list of things nonprofits should never do with their systems. If you don’t heed our warnings, be ready for a data horror story! In no particular order, here are some tips on what NOT

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The Human Factor of Collecting and Managing Useful Data

Patrick Shaw Technical Project Manager This blog post has been reposted in modified form from Patrick Shaw’s blog, PCS in Seattle. Let’s assume your database is well-constructed and well-maintained. There’s still the human factor. The first

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Comparison of Data Import Tools for Salesforce Users

Peter Bender Senior Consultant Salesforce Data Import Tool Comparison Chart  There are several tools that are free to nonprofits and that can be used for importing data into Salesforce (among other things). Personally, I’m partial to

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NTEN’s State of Nonprofit Data Report 2012

Check out this great report by NTEN and Idealware on the State of Nonprofit Data Report 2012. NTEN and Idealware conducted research on the relationship between nonprofits and their data through a series of 400 surveys conducted nationwide. This report explores how nonprofits gather and utilize data, the

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