College Access Data & Systems: Tips From Spark

Kristi Phillips Education Solution Consultant Part II in a College Access Data Series If you’ve been following along in our series, you’ve heard how our data-driven client Spark connects underserved middle school students with transformative apprenticeships to improve their school

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Increasing Afterschool Program Impact: Data & System Best Practices

Afterschool data management is becoming increasingly critical to program improvement and organizational efficiency. Funders are also asking for proof of your results and student impact. The right processes and systems can help you save time, energy, and resources. Learn the insights you need to keep serving your students effectively.

Increasing Impact for Education Organizations: Salesforce Accelerators

Kathy Dunne Education Practice Lead In our work with education organizations, we’re seeing a marked increase in organizations using Salesforce to understand student progress and outcomes. It’s a flexible platform that centralizes knowledge, saves time, and surfaces insights. We’ve commonly

Meet College Access & Success Policy Recommendations with Salesforce

Kristi Phillips Education Account Manager If you work for a college access or success organization, you’ve always got the end-goal in mind: helping individual students. Student data management systems for tracking data can seem initially detached from this, but

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Education Nonprofits Using Salesforce: What Needs Code Versus Clicks?

Kathy Dunne Education Practice Lead Susan Harrison Developer and Solution Consultant Education nonprofits have a special set of needs, from attendance tracking to teacher recruitment. You may be thinking about

How to Spot At-Risk Students Faster: Managing Your Data Strategically

Kathy Dunne Education Practice Lead Education nonprofits are often challenged by how to provide support and specific services to students at the very moment they need them. These organizations may be collecting many kinds of input

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Calling all Education Nonprofits: Join Us at NCAN for Capacity-Building Technology Tips!

Kerry Vineberg Marketing Associate Ready to rock the college access and success world? Come meet us at the National College Access Network’s (NCAN) National Conference, from September 16-18! NCAN 2013 will take place in Nashville, TN at the

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