Choosing the Right Technology for your Organization: A Response

Colleen McCarthy Director of Sales In Response to the Nonprofit Quarterly article “On Using What You Have to Resist Buying What You Do Not Need: An IT Fable from the Front Lines” Methodologies to select new technology are

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5 Reasons to Prioritize Internal Support for your New Nonprofit System

Dean Wilkinson Data and Systems Analyst, The Stanford Institute for Innovation in Developing Economies So, you’ve won buy-in from management, your staff, and constituents, agonized over your requirements, found an implementation partner, and finally cut the ribbon on

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How to Get Buy-In for your Nonprofit Technology Project

Eric Magnuson Director of Sales It’s an all-too-common scenario… you know that a technology solution could help your nonprofit, but need to convince management or other staff. In addition to overcoming other barriers,

Thinking about Salesforce for your Nonprofit: Where to Start

Eric Magnuson Director of Sales The old saying goes, “measure twice, cut once.” This also applies to Salesforce implementations. Preparing for a Salesforce solution can help you ensure a better result, and prepare you for the long-term

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Ten Critical “To Dos” for Nonprofits Prior to Launching a Human Services Data Solution

Meredith Hennessy Principal and Practice Leader, Consilience Group I attended the Salesforce Dreamforce Conference in San Francisco this past November and was blown away by the incredible work being accomplished by nonprofits using the Salesforce platform. I

How to Drive System Adoption in your Organization: Bancroft

Tilly Josephson Account Manager, Human Services Recently we worked with human services nonprofit Bancroft. Along the way, we had the chance to hear more about their long-running programs and 130-year history from Fina Nash and Rex Carney, VP

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