Outcomes Management for Workforce Development Programs

Workforce development (WFD) organizations easily manage their employment programs with Exponent Case Management. ECM provides a solution for all workforce development activities - from eligibility and intake to placement and retention to employer engagement. Our comprehensive solution allows employment programs to easily track a participant through all the stages of a program, ensuring best practices and program fidelity along the way.

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Exponent Case Management supports improved outcomes every step of the way.



Collect all eligibility and enrollment information in one place with our pre-configured Intake form.
ongoing assessment

Ongoing Assessment

Evaluate clients’ baseline and progress over time with important WFD assessments.

Service Planning

Create a comprehensive employment plan with individualized goals for each participant with our WFD Service Plan.
service provision

Service Provision

Track all individual services to overcome employment barriers through pre-configured service entry pages.

Group Training

Ensure participants are receiving necessary training to achieve their employment goals by using group service forms to track progress and credentials.
employer placement

Job Matching

Help employers find qualified applicants for job orders through the comprehensive, easy to use job matching tool.
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Employment Placement

Track placements from referral to hire and ensure that retention checks are completed on time with placement milestones and retention features.

Employer Engagement

Ensure that employers are fully engaged through the seamlessly integrated SF CRM.

Workforce Development Module

Employment programs not only need a data management system to help participants achieve their employment goals, but they also need a solution to help meet complex funder requirements like WIOA and Vocational Rehabilitation. ECM can help with all workforce development needs.

Get off the ground faster and save implementation costs, while ensuring that your specific data collection needs are easily met. The Workforce Development module is a starting off point for organizations to use right out of the box or make changes along the way, tailoring it to their specific operational needs.

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