Rich Todd

Account Executive

Meet Rich, a seasoned Account Executive with over two decades of experience in SaaS sales. He has worked with notable companies such as Survey Monkey, Oracle, and Zuora, where he excelled in driving sales and building strong client relationships. Beyond his sales achievements, Rich is dedicated to supporting nonprofit organizations by offering tailored solutions to help advance their missions.

With a deep understanding of the nonprofit sector and a genuine commitment to philanthropy, Rich naturally embodies the role of a reliable resource for organizations navigating the complexities of the digital landscape while staying true to their altruistic goals.

Rich’s involvement in community service spans over 15 years, during which he has actively volunteered with local charities, utilizing his technological expertise to empower individuals and organizations alike.

In his personal pursuits, Rich is an enthusiastic hiker, having completed an impressive journey of 800 miles in just three months during a recent sabbatical. His passion for personal growth and exploration mirrors his professional approach, always seeking new challenges and opportunities for advancement.