Reimagine fundraising and donor management with a Salesforce solution.

Critical to almost any nonprofit, fundraising and donor management enables your organization's mission. A custom Salesforce solution can alleviate the manual and time-consuming management of the funding pipeline and can integrate seamlessly with other systems / connections in the business.


Building the foundation for sustainable fundraising and donor management.

Consultants with Deep Expertise

We know the unique day-to-day challenges you face when it comes to fundraising. Donor management, tracking, communications and measurement all go into ensuring your program stays on track.

Improved Efficiencies

Implementing Salesforce’s Nonprofit Success Pack can dramatically improve the efficiency and performance of your fundraising initiatives.

Automation & Predictive Prospectings

Go beyond automating the manual processes in your fundraising efforts. Our solutions can also produce predictive analytics and prospecting so you can be proactive with your outreach.

Custom, Outcomes-based Solutions

Far from a one-size-fits-all approach, we base our bespoke solutions around your unique fundraising and donor management goals.

Optimized Pipeline

Fundraising is critical to propelling your mission forward. We look at the whole funding pipeline and optimize a solution that keeps you up-to-date with the health of your pipeline.

Whole Agency Approach

We look at more than just your current fundraising process. By taking a 360 degree look at any project, we help craft a solution that will break down silos and improve processes across the board.

Explore Our Methodology

Our methodology has been successfully used on over 1,750 projects in 700+ organizations. Think of us as your trail guide, here to navigate you along the implementation journey. As we travel towards your summit, we consider your destination today and plan for future paths tomorrow.

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“It has been really nice to have a continued relationship, and the response time that we get from them is crazy. I don’t know when they sleep! It feels nice to have a partner in that space as we are kind of moving into growing our system and moving into territory that we may not be familiar with.”

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