Enabling Strategic Grantmaking

Achieving your mission requires you to collect data—internally and externally—to determine what to invest in and validate that funding is being used well. You also need to evaluate your grantee’s performance and outcomes, while supporting your internal processes, including grantmaking, general constituent relationship management, analytics and intelligence, and accounting. Our solutions consolidate systems and leverage a modern, open platform to provide a simple, efficient, user-friendly option that will propel your foundation's mission.

Driving Social Sector Excellence

Your foundation seeks to fund organizations that are making significant, positive change in your community and the world. You need powerful solutions that help you collect, track, and analyze outcomes from your grantees and across your organization.

Through our extensive work with foundations and philanthropic organizations, we’ve developed an in-depth understanding of the unique factors that impact philanthropic technology: many demands on a small staff, the need for powerful but simple tools that make data accessible, and the desire for workflow and user experience that will improve the efficiency of your organization. We leverage our expertise to build a tailored solution for you.

Your Implementation Partner

Salesforce is a comprehensive grants management solution built for grantmakers and grantees. It provides an end-to-end solution for your philanthropy lifecycle with the option to connect all your organizational systems in one Salesforce solution. Grantees are supported through a custom portal to submit applications, status reports, and outcomes. Grants managers can track eligibility, applications, evaluations, and funds distribution.  

Whether your organization just getting started with Salesforce Grants Management or optimizing your current implementation, contact us today.

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“If we had to scale up tomorrow from 350 grants to 1,000, that wouldn’t be a problem. The grants management process is so much faster that we have freed up time to launch new initiatives, like providing grantees with capacity building support.”


  • Manage grants
  • Receive and manage online grants applications
  • Involve reviewers in grants application process
  • Request and track LOIs
  • Track and report on grantee data
  • Analyze and visualize data to make funding choices
  • Record and connect email conversations with contacts
  • Reduce the grants lifecycle from start to finish
  • Manage mass email and newsletters
  • Track general constituent relationship management data
  • Integrate with finance and accounting systems
  • Store and organize documents and files
  • Pull in data from external sources, such as Guidestar


  • Philanthropic Organizations
  • Private Foundations
  • Community Foundations
  • Corporate Foundations
  • Family Foundations
  • Non-Traditional Grantmakers