Nonprofit Strategic Planning Consultants

Preparation Leads to Better Results

<p>Our planning engagement and phases are key steps to deeply understand your business processes and build a solution tailored to your organization.</p>

Business Process Analysis

Analyzing your organization’s processes is the core of each planning project. Understanding how your staff does its work and the data you need to collect ensure we translate your needs into the best system design. This has been a long-accepted technique for building successful enterprise software, but often developers building for nonprofits take shortcuts in understanding the unique aspects of these organizations as a whole, not to mention individual variations. Our consultants are experts in business process analysis and apply it in our planning engagements and phases to make sure your solution is as unique as your organization.

Planning Engagements

For organizations with more complex system requirements, we offer planning engagements. These engagements are also beneficial when you are unsure what solution you need, and/or you’d like a more in-depth assessment of the full cost of an extensive system. Projects consist of discovery, requirement analysis, design, and recommendations. If you’d like to pursue an Agile methodology for your project, it will also consist of user story development.

Make a Plan for Your Data

If you know your organization could make better use of your data to help make decisions, we offer free consultations to discuss your options. Contact us and we’ll discuss where you’d like to be.
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EP Conversion devices

“For every input, there is now an output—in the form of a field, a report or a dashboard—that helps the program directors immediately in their classroom. Exponent Partners has created a sustainable way for us to manage our data. Instantly as a new GPA or ACT score comes in, a new selectivity rating is calculated… We chose Exponent Partners because we wanted to work with people who really understood our work and challenges, and had deep expertise in Salesforce. We wanted a partner that would be an extension of our team.”