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A Key Next Step for Success

A solid strategy, plan, and technology solution are the first ingredients to long-term adoption of a new system, but you also need access to ongoing expertise and resources to adapt to your organization’s changing needs. Our support plans offer the resources, tools, and guidance needed to make the most out of your system.

Designed for Your Organization

As experts who are intimately familiar with your system’s design, we are your partners in long-term Salesforce success. Our support is backed by more than a decade of experience in Salesforce for nonprofits, in-depth expertise in training and encouraging system adoption, and familiarity with the processes of diverse organizations.

Comprehensive Plans

Our success plans include support for both your day-to-day questions, as well as the on-going evolution of your system. You benefit from:

Unlimited How-To Support

Your system admin will receive direct guidance on basic Salesforce and solution-specific administrative tasks, helping them come fully up to speed on your solution. Your system admin can log cases and track their progress through our support portal. A Support Expert will respond to your inquiries within one business day. You’ll benefit from support for all applications installed by our team. You’ll also have access to the Nonprofit Success Center, a knowledge base of rich Salesforce content and nonprofit business process articles.

Hands-On Help for Enhancements

Choose a block of enhancement hours–in consultation with your account manager–to adapt and tweak your solution as you use the system. This help includes configuration (e.g. creation of views, reports, fields, objects, user administration), additional data migration, and 1:1 training.

Tailored to Nonprofit Needs

Unlike support delivered by Salesforce, our plans are informed by our experience supporting nonprofits exclusively for over a decade.

  • Quick, knowledgable responses from a specialist: Whether contacting us via email or our Q&A webinars, you can get your questions answered by a specialist in Salesforce for nonprofits.
  • Contact familiar with your system and work: Your support contact understands your particular system, work, and mission.
  • Affordable hands-on help: Our premium hours allow you to purchase the specific number of hours that you need for system enhancements.
  • Resources for nonprofits: We offer specifically tailored resources for nonprofits, including success webinars and knowledge articles. Salesforce’s support is tailored mainly for businesses.
 Like all our resources, it is based on actual client questions.

A safety net for any situation

As partners in your long-term Salesforce success, we’re here for you when you need us. All Support Plans include unlimited how-to support, and you’ll get a response in one business day, guaranteed!

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Reach out to us and we’ll walk you through how we can help you achieve your mission and make an impact using Salesforce.
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