Driving radically better impact with our nonprofit technology strategic consultants.

We've not only been in your shoes, but we've also been a social impact organization from day one. As your long-term nonprofit technology strategic partner, we don't just zero in on one part of your organization but look at the 30,000-foot view. With us, it's never a one-and-done. By decoding your data, we bake value into your technology, moving you from measuring productivity to driving better outcomes in real-time.

Photo: Exponent Partners customers meeting for a strategy session.

“It has been really nice to have a continued relationship, and the response time that we get from them is crazy. I don’t know when they sleep! It feels nice to have a partner in that space as we are kind of moving into growing our system and moving into territory that we may not be familiar with.”

More than efficiency, it's real ROI. 

We’re hands-on nonprofit technology strategic consultants, making sure your strategic plan won’t collect dust. We roll up our sleeves to get into the weeds of your planning and goals so we can build future-proof technology to deliver your mission. No more cobbling together redundant or obsolete legacy software. We make sure you measure the right things to give you real-time insights that drive your performance and speed up your ROI. 

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