Transform grantmaking with a purpose-built foundation management system.

Strategic grantmaking enables philanthropic organizations to live their mission. Often the grantmaking process is highly manual and dependent upon pulling information from a variety of places within a nonprofit’s technical infrastructure. By implementing Salesforce, you have the power to improve efficiency and streamline processes to propel your organization forward.

Exceed your technical expectations and expand the impact of your nonprofit.

Reconstruct Processes

Our approach takes a holistic look at grantmaking. From grantee relationship management to measurement and evaluation, we identify and consider all the critical organizational processes to design a transformational solution.

Proactively Manage Key Relationships

Manage all your key relationships in one place. Our solutions streamline communications, pipeline, and other relationship-building needs.

Measure and Evaluate Your Impact

We use the definition of success from our discovery phase to inform the measurement requirements so you can regularly evaluate the impact of your grants program.

Support through Transformation

As we reimagine and reconstruct the grants management, we offer best practices consultations and advise you through change management within your nonprofit organization.

Explore Our Methodology

Our methodology has been successfully used on over 1,750 projects in 700+ organizations. Think of us as your trail guide, here to navigate you along the implementation journey. As we travel towards your summit, we consider your destination today and plan for future paths tomorrow.

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“It has been really nice to have a continued relationship, and the response time that we get from them is crazy. I don’t know when they sleep! It feels nice to have a partner in that space as we are kind of moving into growing our system and moving into territory that we may not be familiar with.”

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