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Streamline Your Compliance Data with the new HMIS Module

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By: Josie Alleman

Federally funded housing programs across the country have one thing in common: they must report Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) compliant data to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Whether you are a single program organization solely focused on families experiencing homelessness or a multi-program agency where only one part of your programming provides supportive services to homeless individuals, managing your HMIS data for regularly reporting to HUD requires added overhead and in some cases duplicative data entry. To streamline the process for homeless service agencies, we designed the Exponent Case Management (ECM) HMIS Module.  The HMIS Module ensures your compliance data aligns and integrates with your case management system.

What is the HMIS Module?

The HMIS Module is a pre-configured version of ECM that includes all fields needed for accurate and compliant HMIS reporting as well as managing your homelessness services case management programs. From affordable and transitional housing programs to emergency shelters, the HMIS module is a comprehensive starting point for your housing programs. By accelerating your system implementation with out-of-the-box HMIS compatibility, your staff can spend less time on administrative tasks and more time focused on providing excellent services to your clients.

Photo: Woman reaching out from doorway and offering her hand to an older homeless woman and inviting her inside.


The HMIS Module supports case management services at all stages of your program:

  • Outreach and referral: Collaborate with local agencies to help serve most underserved clients as fast as possible by utilizing the VI-SPDAT and Referrals Functionality.
  • Intake and enrollment: Collect HMIS project start data and enrollment information all in one place with the pre-configured Intake as well as assessing needs with the Arizona Self-Sufficiency Matrix.
  • Housing coordination: Assign beds and units efficiently and track bed nights easily using the Housing Facility Functionality and Bed Night Services.
  • Service planning: Identify and prioritize goals with the preconfigured Service Plan targeting the low-scoring domains in the Arizona Self-Sufficiency Matrix (ASSM).
  • Individual and group services: Ensure clients are receiving needed services to achieve their goals set in their service plans with preconfigured Individual and Group Service Entry.
  • Program Exit and Follow-up: Collect all necessary data for successful project completion with the Exit Assessment.

In addition, the HMIS Module supports accurate and efficient HMIS data collections and reporting:

  • HMIS Assessments including universal, program specific, and federal partner data elements at all assessment events
  • HMIS specific services including HOPWA, RHY, PATH and SSVF
  • Project descriptor data elements
  • Pre-built Quality Assurance reports for efficient HMIS data monitoring
  • Easy exports of HMIS data

The HMIS Module is Designed for Every Role

The module is designed for all the stakeholders of your organization’s housing program.

Agency Leaders and Program Directors 

The module provides accurate and reliable HMIS reporting at a lower cost. Because all of your HMIS required fields are built into the model along with supporting functionality for accurate HMIS reporting, your staff does not have to spend the time figuring out how to enter HMIS data. Instead use the module as a best practices starting point to configure the rest of your programming. Leadership also benefits from the security and reliability of trusted SF platform: not only can you do all your case management and HMIS data management in ECM, but you know that you have an stable platform with Salesforce. Leaders gain measurable outcome and impact data, thanks in part to the pre-configured outcome reports (e.g. average score of the ASSM over time).

Case Managers 

Case managers want to focus on client care not data entry. ECM’s intuitive interface makes the system easy to navigate and master. Social workers on your team will appreciate that the case management and HMIS data is captured all in one place. Plus, ECM’s pre-built intake and assessment forms are all configured with required HMIS fields needed at program start along with inbound basic fields like referral information. Out-of-the-box HMIS assessments (e.g. Self-Sufficiency Matrix and VI-SPDAT) for each event and each funding type are included.

Program Clients 

The HMIS Module was designed to ensure a quality experience on the part of your program participants as well. With a 360 degree view of your client that is visible to designated staff, the client only has to tell their housing story one time. Services and referrals can begin sooner and the client experiences a better quality of service.

Photo: Computer monitor displaying program manager dashboard for a homeless service program

See the HMIS Module in Action

Watch a pre-recorded on demand webinar featuring the module to explore:

  • Relevant features and capabilities of ECM’s HMIS Module
  • How ECM’s HMIS Module can inspire programmatic improvements
  • What to expect when moving your agency to ECM and using the HMIS Module

Interested in a general demonstration of ECM? We host a webinar every other week. Sign-up for the general ECM demo today!