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Exponent Partners’ Purposeful Commitment to Social Change

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By: Rem Hoffmann

At Exponent Partners, our purpose is to help nonprofits achieve greater social impact through radically better use of information systems. From our inception, we’ve worked to create long-term partnerships with nonprofit organizations that are committed to positive, progressive, systemic social change. Exponent Partners’ vision of a just and equitable society demands social changemakers as powerful as business and government. The actions in the last 24 hours by the Supreme Court in overturning Roe v. Wade, politicizing gun control, and overtly threatening gay marriage rights proves how essential this strength is. So it is especially important at times like this that our actions and decisions are aligned to our core values of diversity, learning, innovation, and impact, and to our core purpose of supporting social changemakers with all our work. And as a B Corporation and a California Benefit Corporation, we strive to hold our organization to the highest standards for social performance. 

We stand with the change-making nonprofit organizations that are working tirelessly to eliminate systemic barriers of oppression and to fix what’s broken in our society. We are dedicated to investing in the work that fosters true systemic social progress. As a social venture working for nonprofits, we support the changemakers who are making a difference in their specific areas and with the communities they serve.

It is easy to feel overwhelmed by world events right now, and to not know whether your individual actions can make any difference. For us, working closely with our changemaking clients and supporting them to do more of the critical work they do helps us stay aligned with our purpose and our values. We will continue to work tirelessly to support our nonprofit clients because seeing them increase their social impact is our way of working toward a more just and equitable world.