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Philanthropy Tex-citement: Why We Can’t Wait for TAG2022

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By: Heather Ballachey

Excitement and anticipation are building here at Exponent Partners as we look ahead to the TAG2022 conference taking place in San Antonio next week. This will be the first in-person annual conference for TAG (Technology Association of Grantmakers) since 2019, and a lot has changed since we last connected with this group of technology-focused philanthropy changemakers. Some very important things have not changed, however. To name just a few: 

  • Here at Exponent Partners we are still committed to helping foundations and grantmakers create radically better impact.  
  • We continue to grow, expand and evolve our expertise in creating powerful grantmaking and impact measurement solutions.
  • We prioritize engaging in-person with the TAG community to better understand the challenges and opportunities facing people in technology roles at foundations.

There is one aspect of our involvement at the TAG conference this year that is a little bit different. We will be exhibiting alongside our partner Vera Solutions, the creators of Amp Impact. The value the Exponent Partners and Vera Solutions partnership brings to the TAG community is one of shared expertise and values-aligned missions focused on helping foundations and grantmakers increase their impact. Our goal as partners is to drive change in the nonprofit technology space. As discussed in a fireside chat webinar this past June, our CEO noted that he’s excited about the shift from individual technologies to centralized information systems. With this top of mind, TAG’s event focuses on exciting sessions around analytics, technology adoption, change management, digital transformation, equitable grantmaking, and more. Check out the whole agenda here!

Another highly anticipated TAG2022 event we’re thrilled about is the Salesforce.org and Partners Meetup. This is a great opportunity for philanthropy tech changemakers using the Salesforce platform to connect, share knowledge, ask questions, and engage directly with partners on topics that are relevant to their work. Learn more and register here! We are looking forward to the additional opportunity to connect with fellow Salesforce.org partners and users at this intimate event on the last day of the conference.

The future is bright for technology changemakers working in philanthropy! We look forward to the opportunity to engage with everyone at TAG2022 next week in partnership with Vera Solutions. See you there!