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Future-Proof Your Salesforce Nonprofit Implementation

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By: Rachel Hands

If you’re a nonprofit using, or considering using, the Salesforce platform to run your organization, you probably made that choice with an eye toward future-proofing. You wanted something that would continue to serve your organization for the long haul. But what does it look like to actually set your organization up for long-term success on a platform with seemingly infinite possibilities? As Salesforce nonprofit implementation partners since 2005, we at Exponent Partners have had the opportunity to see and steward a wide range of solutions within the human services and philanthropy sectors, and we’d like to share a few key lessons we’ve learned along the way.

Unlocking Potential Beyond the Big Change

Implementing a new technology solution, such as transitioning to Salesforce from a legacy system, marks a significant milestone for your nonprofit. This transformative change presents an opportunity to evaluate your processes and identify areas where efficiency gains can be achieved. It’s crucial to consider how daily actions align with your organization’s overarching strategy. Collaborating with a Salesforce implementation partner like us ensures informed decision-making, leveraging our broad perspective on the technology’s capabilities.

However, it’s important to note that the Big Change is merely the beginning. Reflect on how your organization has adapted and evolved in recent years to fulfill its mission. Has your technology kept pace with these changes?

Embracing Change as a Routine is Vital for Your Salesforce Nonprofit Implementation 

Successful organizations have a well-established routine for managing system changes. They integrate change management into their processes, making it an integral part of their operations. These organizations adeptly respond to shifts in funder requirements, launch new programs, and continuously improve existing ones. They harness the rapid technological advancements offered by Salesforce and tools like Exponent Case Management.

Whether through a governance process, a Center of Excellence, or regular technology meetings, they gather feedback from their teams to understand evolving needs. They assess how Salesforce meets (or falls short of) these requirements and plan for the resources necessary to align technology with their strategic objectives.

An effective change routine also prioritizes data security for program participants, addresses questions, trains new users, and ensures smooth transitions for system administrators. These changes are inevitable but need not hinder your organization’s strategic efforts. Moreover, a structured change routine brings predictability to work, easing the navigation of non-technical changes encountered daily.

Collaboration is Key for Your Salesforce Nonprofit Implementation

Your commitment to making a positive impact acknowledges that change requires time, collaboration, and resources. The technology supporting your mission is no exception, and we are here to assist you. Explore our Success Center offerings or schedule a conversation with our experts today to learn how we can support your Salesforce nonprofit implementation.