Nonprofit Cloud Grants Management

Embracing the New Nonprofit Cloud: Moving Forward with Grants Management

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By: Lara Hoke Kimberley

This spring Salesforce announced Nonprofit Cloud, a transformative shift from managed packages to functionality designed specifically for nonprofits and foundations built directly on the core platform. 

The Spring ‘23 release of Nonprofit Cloud included functionality for program management and case management. The Summer ‘23 release adds a new layer, Nonprofit Cloud for Grantmaking, which will be available after July 18th, 2023. 

Streamlining the Grantmaking Process or Empowering Grantmakers and Grantseekers for Greater Impact

Nonprofit Cloud for Grantmaking provides grantmakers with the tools to manage their programs, create and track program budgets, create opportunities for grantseekers, review applications, and track the outcomes of awarded grants. Grantseekers on Nonprofit Cloud can view funding opportunities, collaborate on grant applications, submit project budgets, and report against their goals.

Enhanced Budget Creation Interface 

From both an implementation and end-user perspective, one of the features that I am most excited about in the first release of Grantmaking is the program and grant budget creation interface. It is a clean, easy to use screen for entering the planned expenses by budget category and time period. This interface is designed to be used by program managers to develop their program budgets and by grantseekers to provide details on how awarded grant money will be spent. 

Access to Industry Common Components 

In addition to the functionality built for nonprofits on core and the robust product roadmap, Nonprofit Cloud for Grantmaking opens up access to industry common components. These components include, among others, Omnistudio, Business Rules Engine (BRE), and the very compellingly named DataRaptors. We discussed these common components in detail in our blog, “Industry Common Components in Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud,” which you can find here. 

A Roadmap for Innovation 

The Nonprofit Cloud for Grantmaking has an ambitious roadmap, with Salesforce committed to regularly releasing new features aligned with their standard release schedule. This ensures that nonprofits will continually benefit from enhancements and innovations, staying at the forefront of technology. It’s important to note that all forward-looking statements mentioned in this blog post are subject to the Safe Harbor statement, which highlights that actual results may differ materially from the statements made, and implies that all product buying decisions should be based on what is currently available from Salesforce at the time of purchase.

At Exponent Partners, we are thrilled by the tremendous potential of the Nonprofit Cloud for Grantmaking to transform the way nonprofits and foundations manage their grantmaking processes. With our team’s extensive experience and a track record of over 1,750 successful social impact projects, we are committed to guiding you throughout your journey. Reach out to us today to explore the possibilities of Nonprofit Cloud for Grantmaking and uncover how we can empower you to drive radically better impact. Together, let’s forge lasting change and create a meaningful difference in the world.