Keddi-Anne Sherbino Interview

An Interview with an ExPert: Keddi-Anne Sherbino’s Journey of Growth at Exponent Partners

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By: Keddi-Anne Sherbino, Marthe Rana

At Exponent Partners, we believe in the extraordinary power of people to create positive change. These individuals are the driving force behind uncovering vital data that leads to meaningful transformation. In this blog post, we introduce you to Keddi-Anne Sherbino, a trusted subject matter expert who understands the unique challenges faced by nonprofits and shares our mission to unlock the value of information systems to help nonprofits drive greater social impact. Keddi-Anne is a remarkable individual who recently transitioned from a Business Development Representative to an Associate Account Executive. Join us as we delve into her background, experiences, and aspirations

Meet Keddi-Anne Sherbino:

Keddi-Anne is a dynamic professional known for her tenacity, drive, and a true go-getter spirit. With over eight years of experience in sales and four years in marketing, she has honed her skills to excel in her career. Holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology from the University of British Columbia, Keddi-Anne’s educational background lends a distinctive perspective to her work.

But what truly sets Keddi-Anne apart is her unwavering commitment to making a difference. Beyond her professional life, she’s a passionate advocate for impactful change. Her journey in the nonprofit education sector and her teaching experience at Niagara College Canada vividly illustrate her dedication to education and social change.

Keddi-Anne’s zeal extends to her personal life as well. She approaches every aspect of life with boundless passion, whether it’s conquering challenging workouts at the gym or pursuing her love for CrossFit. Adding to her adventurous spirit, Keddi-Anne recently got engaged on the majestic peaks of British Columbia, a testament to her love for the outdoors and her penchant for embracing life’s grand moments. What you really need to know about Keddi-Anne is that she’s a force of nature who infuses enthusiasm into everything she undertakes.

Keddi-Anne’s Move to Associate Account Executive: 

Keddi-Anne’s journey within Exponent Partners is a testament to our commitment to nurturing internal talent and providing growth opportunities. With a year and a half of dedicated service, she recently transitioned from a Business Development Representative to an Associate Account Executive, a transition that highlights her readiness to embrace new challenges and make a greater impact.

In an independent interview process alongside other candidates, Keddi-Anne emerged as the ideal choice for the Associate Account Executive role, further underscoring her qualifications and unwavering dedication to our mission.

Now, let’s delve into our interview with Keddi-Anne.

What drives your passion for working with nonprofit organizations, and how does it align with Exponent Partners’ mission?

Keddi-Anne:  From a young age I have always had a passion for helping others. My day just does not feel complete if I have not had the chance to influence someone in a meaningful way. I also love to see things restored, I enjoy a “project” that might seem broken, unwanted or impossible. Oftentimes, nonprofits are fixing a need that can seem broken to the public eye, or forgotten about in our society. By providing their resources they are also ultimately restoring not only life but hope to those people’s lives. I believe that hope in people’s lives can be restored too. Therefore, this drives my passion to want to help nonprofits thrive.  

Can you share a memorable experience from your international volunteering work that deeply resonated with you?

Keddi-Anne: Oh my goodness, there are so many memorable experiences to choose from, but a recent story that stands out to me is from my last trip to Africa. There, I had the opportunity to explore a remote village in Marsabit, Kenya 🇰🇪. A year ago, a nonprofit I support started a literacy program there, and through their incredible work, an entire village has been transformed. It’s truly life-changing to witness the progress – seeing the smiles of women who have learned to spell their names, read books, and acquire practical skills like sanitation, money management, and starting their businesses. They’re now building a sustainable community by planting a garden and sharing resources. In a village that once had only goats and huts, without even running water, this transformation is truly remarkable!

In your new role as an Associate Account Executive, how do you envision contributing to the broader goals of Exponent Partners?

Keddi-Anne:  I am a goal driven, fast moving human. I like to see projects completed and I do not like to waste time. My hope is that I will be a key contributor to our Business Development team and help move potential projects to the closed project stage as quickly and efficiently as possible. I coach CrossFit in my spare time and I absolutely love seeing someone with no fitness experience enter the space. In my mind, I approach it as a challenge—how quickly can I help them move effectively while ensuring they grasp the full scope of what they are learning and how each movement connects to the next. I employ tact and patience, slowing down where needed and focusing on areas of understanding. I see my work with clients here at Exponent Partners in a similar light. I adapt to what the client understands, building trust and guiding them through the intricacies until they have a full understanding.

Can you share an example of how technology and information systems can significantly benefit nonprofits and their missions?

Keddi-Anne: I actively support a few different nonprofit organizations, and in deciding where to allocate my support, I engage in extensive research to gain a clear understanding of how every dollar raised is utilized. I regularly check on their work and stay up to date on how the organization leverages data storytelling to make an impact. I have even gone the extra mile to visit the places I donate to to be sure that the funds are going to exactly where they’re intended. This information is all driven through data, reinforcing my belief in the importance of the work we do. 


Keddi-Anne Sherbino’s journey is a testament to both her dedication and Exponent Partners’ commitment to fostering growth within the organization. We invite you to learn more about our mission, values, and the incredible team members who deeply care about nonprofits and their missions. From our consulting experts to our operations and sales teams, we all share a profound commitment to driving positive change. Contact us to discover how we can help your organization make a difference for people in need.