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Unlocking the Power of Data Cloud and Tableau: Salesforce’s New Offer

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By: Marthe Rana

Who doesn’t love freebies? Well, hold onto your hats because Salesforce just dropped a gift that’ll make even the most stoic data analyst crack a smile. At this year’s Dreamforce event, Salesforce unveiled a surprise that’s about to revolutionize the world of data analytics: free licenses of Data Cloud and Tableau for all customers with Sales and Service Cloud, Enterprise, or Unlimited licenses. Yes, you read that right – it’s a data party, and you’re all invited! This exciting news not only aligns perfectly with Exponent Partners’ mission to help nonprofits unlock the true value behind their data but also promises to usher in a new era of AI.

Breaking Down the Offer:

Starting September 19th, customers on Enterprise Edition (EE) and Unlimited Edition (UE) can benefit from this remarkable offer, which includes 250,000 Data Services credits; 1 TB of data storage; 1 Data Cloud admin; 100 internal Data Cloud identity users, 1,000 Data Cloud PSL; 5 integration users. This unprecedented move removes barriers to entry for both organizations looking to explore the power of Data Cloud and professionals eager to enhance their skill set.

But that’s not all – Salesforce is doubling the delight by including two free Tableau creator licenses in the package. The $0 Tableau Cloud SKU is your gateway to unleashing the full potential of Tableau for data analytics. With Tableau Cloud – Creator for Data Cloud, you gain access to a comprehensive set of Tableau capabilities to create, explore, and visualize data analytics in the cloud. This includes the ability to manage users, create and share data sources, author new reports, and even edit existing workbooks. 

This unprecedented move removes barriers to entry for organizations looking to explore the power of Data Cloud but also those that want to harness the data visualization prowess of Tableau, making it a truly game-changing proposition for organizations of all sizes.

Why Data Cloud Matters:

Data Cloud, which may have remained a mystery to many Salesforce professionals, now takes center stage in Salesforce’s offerings. This platform is already processing a staggering 30 trillion transactions per month and harmonizing 100 billion records daily. Salesforce is seamlessly integrating Data Cloud into every corner of its ecosystem, from Sales and Service to Marketing and Commerce. During the nonprofit keynote at Dreamforce, there was a heavy emphasis placed on Data Cloud being the key to unlocking new AI functionality.

Use Cases That Make an Impact:

Salesforce is kicking things off by outlining some primary use cases. In essence, organizations can consolidate data from multiple sources, utilize identity resolution to unify profile and engagement data, and gain a comprehensive 360-degree view of their customers. As an example, nonprofits could aggregate data about their donors across their own data systems as well as external sources like their engagement with social media.

For nonprofits using Salesforce for case management, Data Cloud could be an alternative to more complex and costly direct integrations. Aggregating data from different systems and reporting on it with unified client profiles.

Now, let’s delve deeper into how Data Cloud not only simplifies complexities but also serves as the precursor to leveraging Einstein for advanced AI-driven initiatives:

Unlocking the Power of Data Cloud for AI:

Imagine I’m a stakeholder at your organization, and there are three different records about me scattered across three different systems. In one system, I’m Marthe, a donor. In the second system, you see my full name, Marthe Rana, along with the fact that I’m a marketer at Exponent Partners. In the third system, you see my nickname, Martha, and it’s evident that I’m a volunteer. And let’s face it; you probably don’t have just three sources of data – you have 10, 20, or even 30 systems.

Now, envision all of this data seamlessly connected through Data Cloud, harmonized to perfection. The result? A unified profile that displays my name, nickname, roles as a donor, marketer, and volunteer, all elegantly merged into one cohesive entity.

With Data Cloud, your organization can achieve this level of data harmony, simplifying complexities and unleashing the full potential of your data for truly impactful decision-making and outreach. But how does it help to support your AI initiatives? At Dreamforce, ALSAC/St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital showcased how they are using Data Cloud as the precursor to leveraging Einstein. 

“One of the challenges is that we have many ways of engaging with our 10 million donors and volunteers. Whether it’s paid media, social media, email marketing, bikathons, marathons etc, but what we’re missing is that fabric that ties together all those engagement channels so we can start to make connections with those donors in the areas that they want to be connected,” said David Jacques, SVP and CIO at ALSAC/St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

With Data Cloud, St. Jude’s can weave fabric together that was previously elusive. Now, when donors call into the call center, they can determine the next best action based on unified data in a matter of seconds. They can conduct advanced segmentation, cluster segments more efficiently than ever, and have authentic, personalized engagements in an automated fashion with donors in mere moments, a feat that traditionally might have taken days or even weeks to accomplish.

The Journey with Data Cloud:

While Salesforce has designed this offer to be self-service, and you can learn about the next steps here,  partnering with experts like Exponent Partners can help you navigate this exciting journey effectively. It’s important to note that the $0 Data Cloud SKU includes a limited set of credits, and depending on the number of sources you set up, you might exceed this limit. There are no safeguards built into the product to limit exceeding the number of credits allotted. This is where Exponent Partners’ expertise comes into play, helping you optimize your data usage while implementing this new tool to work seamlessly alongside your existing ones.

Salesforce’s no-cost offer of Data Cloud and Tableau licenses is a game-changer for organizations seeking to harness the power of data. It’s a significant step towards making data-driven decisions accessible to all. Whether you’re looking to unify customer data for personalized service or identify new opportunities for growth, Data Cloud and Tableau are your allies. With the right guidance, your organization can unlock a world of possibilities. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to drive radically better impact with Exponent Partners. Reach out to us today for help along your journey with Data Cloud or implementing the latest Salesforce innovations.