Virtual Admin

When you need a dedicated virtual Salesforce Administrator, we can help. An entry-level Managed Services offering, Virtual Admin serves as your strategic advisor executing the day-to-day system maintenance and ongoing enhancements while providing guidance on future goals. Contracted on a quarterly basis, the Virtual Admin augments your team allowing you to focus on your organization's programs and mission impact.

Virtual Admin

When you need a Managed Services Consultant to join your team, Virtual Admin is here to help.

High-Value Add to Any Team

Virtual Admin is ideal for organizations with a gap in staff resources who need a trusted consulting partner to manage day-to-day administration and provide strategic guidance.

Optimize Your System

If you have a running list of Salesforce enhancements but not enough capacity in-house to tackle them, the Virtual Admin can help optimize your current system and clear your backlog.

Your Governance Partner

Your Virtual Admin can help maintain the health of your system by executing your organization's data and governance policies to ensure compliance.

Lower Staffing Costs

Your Virtual Admin is contracted at quarter-time service level, or 25% Full-time Equivalent. Reduce recruiting and hiring costs with a dedicated Managed Services Consultant on your team.

Roadmap Future Projects

Virtual Admins point your organization towards the future and offer strategic advice based on current trends in the Salesforce ecosystem.

Analyze Performance

Reduce time spent pulling numbers and improve measurement practices. Consultants and specialists can help identify and report on KPIs and build dashboards to quantify performance.

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Ensuring your long-term success is at the core of everything we do at Exponent Partners. You need a trusted guide on your journey. Imagine what could be possible for your organization with the exact right resources in the right place at the right time when leveraging a platform like Salesforce. Our process is driven by an unwavering commitment to your success far beyond traditional support and help desk offerings.

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“It has been really nice to have a continued relationship, and the response time that we get from them is crazy. I don’t know when they sleep! It feels nice to have a partner in that space as we are kind of moving into growing our system and moving into territory that we may not be familiar with.”

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