foundationConnect Migration Planning

Navigating change requires guidance from experienced hands. At Exponent Partners, we’re your trusted strategic partner, ready to empower your journey of transformation. As you embark on the path to replace foundationConnect, we offer various routes, but our recommendation is clear: start with our foundationConnect Migration Planning Engagement.

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A fast and cost-efficient offering that will help empower your transition off of foundationConnect.

Our foundationConnect Migration Planning Engagement is a strategic approach to transitioning to a new grants management system, breaking the project into manageable tasks to minimize complexity and maximize efficiency. Here’s a glimpse of what you can expect:

nonprofit grant management software process

Detailed discovery of all grants management business processes

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Recommendations presentation and document

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Budget, product mix, and timeline estimate

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The freedom to tailor your experience with optional add-ons

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Now I can actually spend time doing the important work of grants management, rather than looking for a hard copy or reaching out to someone about information we already have in Salesforce.”