Managed Services

Managed Services offers year-round strategic consulting and tactical support for maximum impact. Your Managed Services Consultant serves an intergral part of the team while driving the best return on your investment. Working within your organization's data governance process, we meet weekly to scope workplans, prioritize the backlog, and work towards goals. As your strategic partner, we guide your technology roadmap and help identify opportunities to leverage the Salesforce platform across your entire organization.

Strategic Salesforce management for endless possibilities.

High Impact Results

Managed Services is the best fit for large nonprofit organizations seeking a partner with deep Salesforce expertise who understands your organizational needs today and guides you into the future.

Technology Strategy and Roadmapping

As your organization's technology stack continues to grow in complexity, your Managed Services team will help you plan for the future of your organization’s Salesforce initiatives.

Data Stewardship and Governance

Rest easy knowing your Managed Services team has secured the data ownership architecture for user groups across the whole organization have access to the right data.

Proactive Salesforce Administration

Similar to the Virtual Admin offering, your Managed Services Consultant fills your organization's resource gap, managing day-to-day administration, building enhancements, optimizing your systems, and more.

Access to Specialists

Managed Services clients recieve access to our entire team of Professional Services consultants as needed. From data migration specialists and to Theory of Change experts who can optimize your program outcomes, and more.

Knowledge Management and Documentation

Managed Services Consultant will provide guidance on best practices and execute your organization's system documention of and knowledge management process.

Change Management Guidance

The long-term succcess of any technology initiative relies on quality change management process. Your Managed Services Consultant will help ensure you have the right approach.

Preferred Meeting Cadence

Your Managed Services Consultant will organize weekly meetings to review the backlog of tasks approved by your governance process and identify priorities with optional15-minute daily stand-ups or check-in meetings as needed.

Performance Measurement

Reduce time spent pulling reports as we help analyze your organization's measurement practices, improve outcomes, and amplify social impact.

Staffing Cost Savings

Offset the cost of recruiting and hiring additional in-house staff. You will benefit from a dedicated Managed Services Consultant at quarter-time service level, or 25% Full-time Equivalent.

Best Practices & Release Management

Stay informed on the latest best practices, current trends in the Salesforce ecosystem, new features, and training opportunities.

Success Center Resources

Includes access to the Success Center Team, customer portal, user group communities, and Knowledge Base.

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Ensuring your long-term success is at the core of everything we do at Exponent Partners. You need a trusted guide on your journey. Imagine what could be possible for your organization with the exact right resources in the right place at the right time when leveraging a platform like Salesforce. Our process is driven by an unwavering commitment to your success far beyond traditional support and help desk offerings.

“It has been really nice to have a continued relationship, and the response time that we get from them is crazy. I don’t know when they sleep! It feels nice to have a partner in that space as we are kind of moving into growing our system and moving into territory that we may not be familiar with.”

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