Change Management: Rocket Fuel for Implementing New Technologies

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There is a parable that says ‘the only constant is change’. Change as it relates to technology and the human users of that technology can have a huge impact on how successful an organization is with adapting to change. A recent BCG survey found that only 30% of technology projects reach their full potential, which is impacted by internal resistance to change by the people affected and a lack of leadership support. Knowing that managing change is a huge challenge for even the most sophisticated organizations, how can your team better prepare and seize the opportunity to do it well? 

Download this practical guide to learn:

  • Key tactics to implement before, during and after the change
  • Best ways to gather input from internal stakeholders to have visibility to possible challenges and resistance
  • How to channel influencers to support and drive change management efforts
  • Ways to foster a nimble approach to long-term, continuous change in your organization

Here at Exponent Partners we have nearly two decades of experience helping organizations successfully navigate the challenging waters of change management. Within our advisory services practice, we offer a comprehensive change management consulting service that helps guide organizations through the process to successfully adopt new information systems. Your team could have an expert guide you through planning for change before, during and after technology adoption. Interested to learn more? Reach out to us today!