Using Data to Drive Results

With deep expertise in Education, Human Services, and Philanthropy organizations, we work with the nonprofits who are making change on the ground and those who fund these organizations. You are working one-on-one with your constituents and grantees, and need systems to track the impact of these relationships. We build whole organization solutions on the Salesforce platform so that you can unify all your data and operations in one system: fundraising, accounting, program management, communications, and all processes that support your work. These solutions enable you to look across your organization to improve performance comprehensively and more effectively achieve your mission.

For every input, there is now an output—in the form of a field, a report or a dashboard—that helps the program directors immediately in their classroom. Exponent Partners has created a sustainable way for us to manage our data. Instantly as a new GPA or ACT score comes in, a new selectivity rating is calculated… We chose Exponent Partners because we wanted to work with people who really understood our work and challenges, and had deep expertise in Salesforce. We wanted a partner that would be an extension of our team.

Topher Rinek, Director of Data Management, OneGoal

Services for Your Whole Organization


We know nonprofits head-to-toe, backward and forward.

We’ve been exclusively dedicated to the nonprofit sector for over 10 years. We’ve served almost 500 clients and completed over 1000 projects. Over two-thirds of our staff have worked in the nonprofit sector and bring real-life expertise. Through this deep experience, we are able to bring superior knowledge and expertise to provide you the best services and solutions.


We’ll work with you in a way that works for you.

Our staff has the most comprehensive skill set in the community. We’ve designed our methodologies to work for a broad range of nonprofits.  We can help you if you are starting at the beginning and need to create a plan for a system, if you know what system you want to pursue and need an implementation partner, or if you need support for an existing solution.


We build whole organization systems that will serve you for the long term.

Our extensive knowledge of the Salesforce platform, services, and app integration ensures that we’ll build you the most effective solution that can support all aspects of your organization. We also design our solutions and projects with an eye toward system adoption, ensuring your organization can use and maintain your system for years to come.

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Photo Credit: Graduation ceremony for students of Compass Family Services.

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If you are struggling with spreadsheets or a legacy database that doesn’t show you how your organization is performing,
we offer free consultations to talk through how to better manage your data through technology.

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