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Exponent Partners Proudly Sponsors First Supermums in the US

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By: Damaris Eustice

Founded as a social enterprise in 2016 by Heather Black, Supermums is passionate about helping parents harness the Salesforce ecosystem for career opportunities. Over 140 trainees have joined the Supermums workforce development program to find flexible, well-paid employment while parenting.  Exponent Partners is proud to sponsor the first cohort of Supermums trainees in the United States. Our Customer Success team will provide mentoring and first-hand experience serving nonprofits on the Salesforce platform.

A previous Vice President of Business Development at Exponent Partners, raised two sons as a working, single parent. She explained the value of workforce development programs with a supportive peer network, “As a super mom myself, I know how important it is to have work experience and when you do a program like this, you want to tell others.” As a premium implementation partner in the United States, Exponent Partners provides a great launch pad for the trainees in the program. Susan added, “Our organization does about 200 Salesforce implementation projects a year so we’re really excited to have Supermums engaged with us. We can’t wait!”

Supermums Journey to a Salesforce Career Path

“Salesforce provides endless career progression and flexibility,” said Heather. “Thanks to my Salesforce skills, I was able to keep working while travelling around the world for four months and to relocate to start a family. I wanted to shout out and make mums aware of the flexible working opportunities and well-paid careers that are available within the Salesforce ecosystem.”

The program includes multiple training courses and leverages the Salesforce online training platform, Trailhead. Supermums offers a unique blend of instruction, self-study, mentorship, and more.

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Social Enterprises United for the Sector

Founded in 2005, Exponent Partners shares roots with Supermums as a social enterprise. As one of the first certified B Corps in the State of Californiam, Exponent Partners has an established, mission-driven business model. Our social mission to amplify nonprofit impact is powered by our belief that the right technology can transform an organization’s relationship to their data. We are committed to developing the tools needed to support successful outcomes in the social sector such as our Exponent Case Management Workforce Development Accelerator, designed for implementing programs like Supermums using Salesforce.

Beginning this spring, ten new Supermums will begin their journey with Exponent Partners towards confidence, skills and work experience. Our team will be providing instruction and imparting best practices. We are excited to support these Supermums as they apply what they have learned to a new career as Salesforce administrators or consultants.

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Join the Online Community

Interested in joining Supermums as a volunteer, mentor, or trainee? Check out the growing network online. Supermums has internationally diverse trainees and engaged volunteers from over 9 different countries. Since the program’s founding, more than 100 companies have engaged by volunteering, recruiting, or sponsoring Supermums. The program has a global following across our social media platforms. We invite you to join the Facebook Group and follow them on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.


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