Exponent Partners Evolution

Innovating for Next-Level Mission Value: Exponent Partners’ Evolution

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By: Rem Hoffmann

Redefining our strategies to maximize social impact for nonprofits.

Our purpose at Exponent Partners is to help changemaking nonprofits achieve their missions through radically better use of information systems. And in the almost twenty years we’ve been doing this for nearly one thousand clients, we have witnessed plenty of change in all aspects of that work. 

While the landscape evolves around us, we also must adapt to better fulfill our own mission and to create exceptional mission value for our nonprofit clients. Today, Exponent Partners is sharpening its focus and adapting its strategies — all in service of radically better social impact! 

Organizational Agility. Like many organizations in our industry, we’ve seen staff attrition and had to reshape our workforce for our ongoing financial strength and sustainability. And at the same time we are flattening and more tightly focusing the organization for a leaner, more adaptable, more team-oriented Exponent Partners. This directly benefits our clients, our staff, and our mission.

New Leaders. We strengthened our executive team with impactful leadership additions in the second half of 2022. Stacie Pallotta is Exponent Partners’ new COO, and brings extensive client success, strategy execution, and organizational transformation experience to our sector. Lisa Wallace is our VP of Business Development, and brings deep nonprofit and public sector experience to her reset of sales, partnership, and marketing strategies and execution.

Focus on Changemakers.  Our market focus is not changing – we serve social impact changemakers! These are the innovators whose program models and theories of change will transform the sector. This includes human services and education organizations who implement direct services programs to create change, as well as foundations and philanthropic organizations who catalyze change through funding and investment. 

Services First. We continue to standardize rapid, high-value implementation of best practices for nonprofits rather than favoring a more artisanal approach. Productization of configured features, standard functionality, and business applications (such as our ECM product) remains a key strategy for greater client impact, time-to-value, and manageability of information systems. That work will be primarily focused on the NPC platform going forward. 

Exponent Partners supports the entire nonprofit lifecycle, serving clients from the digital transformation strategy through building an information systems (IS) platform to running efficient and effective operations with the help of our managed services. 

All-in on Salesforce Innovation. Whole-organization, whole-system digital transformation requires mission platforms that innovate rapidly, support sophisticated solutions, and can expand from ‘system of record’ to ‘system of engagement’ to ‘system of insight.’ Salesforce, and particularly the new Nonprofit Cloud (NPC) product vision  – based on the core platform with industry common components – remains the clear platform winner for the nonprofit sector. 

We are building the next-generation services firm – creating the next level of information systems value for our world’s vital changemaking organizations. Will you join us on this journey into the future?