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Does your human services agency struggle to create reports for your funders? Do your staff spend too much time inputing data? Does your current case management system leave you wondering about the impact you are having on your clients? We've love to help you solve these problems. Give

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In Times of Uncertainty: Proving Results to Funders with Case and Program Management

Center for Employment Opportunities (CEO), an Exponent Case Management client and innovative national workforce development organization, has used Salesforce for over 10 years to report to funders, manage program performance, and improve their results. Brad Dudding, COO of CEO, spoke with us at Dreamforce about how they leverage

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Clients, Cases, and Care: Unifying Human Services Client Data in Salesforce

The Institute for Family Development, a human services organization in Washington State, uses Salesforce and Exponent Case Management to support data and results tracking for their HOMEBUILDERS® program. Through this program, over 30 practitioner teams at organizations around the country provide intensive, in-home crisis intervention, counseling, and life-skills

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Exponent Partners and Jessie Ball DuPont Webinar: A Whole Organization Technology Strategy

As a nonprofit, you are likely hearing more requests to demonstrate your outcomes. A whole organization data approach and system can help build a foundation for outcomes thinking in your organization. In a recent webinar with the Jessie Ball DuPont Fund, we helped explain the concept of a

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Exploring the Future of Case Management with Community Housing Partnership

Human services agency Community Housing Partnership (CHP) uses Exponent Case Management to support its work with homeless individuals and families. Watch this video to learn their best practices for reducing data entry burdens and successfully adopting a system. CHP also shares how they have automated manual processes while

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Driving Impact for Students: Salesforce for Education and Youth Development Nonprofits

Education and youth development organizations can benefit from Salesforce to save significant staff time while monitoring student progress and organizational results.  Breakthrough New York is an education nonprofit that transforms the lives of motivated, low-income students by preparing them for college graduation. In this webinar with Salesforce.org, Breakthrough New York will demo

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Managing Results for Human Services Agencies and Collaboratives

Human Services agencies are looking to work collaboratively with other organizations to tackle society’s most difficult challenges through collective impact. In this webinar, hear how Mission Economic Development Agency (MEDA) uses both Exponent Case Management and Salesforce Communities to bring together a network of agencies, community-based organizations, and

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Exponent Partners QuickStarts for Fundraising Management on Salesforce

Whether you are a small local grassroots group or a growing national organization, an Exponent Partners QuickStart is a great affordable entry point for all new users to Salesforce. During the implementation we work closely with your organization to configure Salesforce and the Nonprofit Starter Pack tailored to

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Salesforce Data Migration Success for Nonprofits

Reading through manuals on how to get started with Salesforce data loading takes time. What if someone could show you proven tips on how to prepare and migrate your external data? You're in luck -- we're opening up a support services webinar for the first time ever, giving

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Dreamforce 2015 Highlight: Next-Generation Grantmaking for Impact – foundationConnect

Grant management processes can be complex, and foundations are often challenged by the task of fulfilling their organization's mission while managing their grant lifecycle. Hear from two of our philanthropic clients, the Nellie Mae Education Foundation and Open Society Foundations,  on their use of Salesforce -- including foundationConnect

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