Salesforce World Tour NYC

The team from Exponent Partners is heading to the Big Apple for Salesforce World Tour NYC! Taylor McGovern, Account Executive, and Lisa Wallace, VP of Business Development, look forward to connecting with nonprofit clients and prospects at this community-oriented one-day event. Register here to experience magical keynotes, immersive experiences, and stories of customer success on the Salesforce platform. We would love the opportunity to meet with you in New York, so please drop us a line so we can find a time to connect. Hope to see you there!

Ask the Expert: Q&A with Joshua Shaughnessy

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Do you have a nagging question about your organization’s Salesforce setup, what third-party apps would help increase your efficiency or how to know if it’s time to work with a virtual Salesforce administrator? Or are you just curious to hear what other organizations are focusing on and how they’re using Salesforce to help create impact in their communities?

Access this on-demand recording of our webinar to get access to an interactive, “ask me anything” session with Joshua Shaughnessy from the Exponent Partners Success Center. Josh, a managed services consultant on the team, has many years of experience helping nonprofit organizations with participatory methods, data collection and management systems. He’s excited to take your questions and provide insightful recommendations. Josh gets really excited working with organizations on effective data governance and change management, optimizing processes to reduce redundant work and minimize technical debt, and enhancing organization’s ability to track outcomes and impact. Josh answers questions focusing on:

  • What are some ways to reduce technical debt?
  • What are some challenges when designing or building solutions? What are some helpful ways to build solutions to address staff or organization needs?
  • How can we recover if our instance of Exponent Case Management is deleted?
  • How should we know if a virtual admin service is right for us?

Access the on-demand webinar now for this fantastic opportunity to tap into the Exponent Partners braintrust and come away with practical and helpful insights! 

Just in Time: Tracking Time and Attendance

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Time and attendance management is critical for workforce development programs. It enables organizations to toss out those manual timesheets and ensure that every minute is tracked automatically, establishes a transparent work environment, cultivates time management and improves compliance by eliminating the chance of human error. It can also ensure that employees or laborers are paid on time and without error, which is key to fostering satisfaction. 

Center for Employment Opportunities (CEO) has a transitional jobs program that supports over 300 workers, across 30 sites, to get same-day pay while gaining skills and work history. After launching a project to replace their payroll processor, unexpected delays put them at risk of not being able to process payments to their workers. Register for our upcoming webinar to see how they used Exponent Case Management and FormAssembly to fill the gap between transitioning to a new payroll process without interrupting service. 

Sign up to access this on-demand webinar to learn: 

  • The benefits of tracking time and attendance digitally 
  • How to support employment outcomes at every stage
  • How to leverage ECM’s Workforce Development Module and FormAssembly to track time and attendance 
  • Ways to improve efficiency and compliance
Dreamforce 2022 Skye Tyler Dynamic Forms Session

Dreamforce 2022


Join us this September for the 20th anniversary of Dreamforce. With over 1,000+ sessions scheduled this year and internationally renowned guest speakers and performers, this epic event is shaping up to be the biggest and most impactful ever.

Ever struggle with the 40 character limit on field labels causing confusion for your users? Need to give users additional instructions or guided visual prompts when they’re entering data? Tired of endless scrolling on the detail page to find the field you need? Join our very own Skye Tyler to learn how we use Dynamic Forms and other Lightning page components to administer evidence-based assessments in a way that ensures the integrity of the assessment and improves the user experience.

San Antonio, Texas, USA cityscape at the Riverwalk.

TAG2022 Annual Conference

Grand Hyatt San Antonio
San Antonio, TX

We are thrilled to be silver sponsors of the upcoming TAG2022 Annual Conference, happening in real life in San Antonio, Texas, after three long years! We look forward to reconnecting with the TAG community and additionally taking advantage of the educational and networking opportunities the event offers. This will truly be the event of the decade for #philanthropytech and an event not to be missed!

Check out the agenda-at-a-glance to learn more about the fantastic conference sessions that dive into all the most important topics in the space where grantmakers and technology intersect. We are a particularly excited about the opportunity to introduce attendees to our company and the services we offer to grantmakers and foundations in the exhibit hall. Come visit the Exponent Partners booth and meet our philanthropy account executive Pamela Fitch!

Hope to see you in San Antonio in November!

On Demand: A Vision for Impact Measurement in the Nonprofit Sector

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On June 22, 2022, CEOs Rem Hoffmann of Exponent Partners and Zak Kaufman of Vera Solutions met for a lively, thought-provoking chat diving into the state of impact measurement in the nonprofit sector. Rem and Zak shared their views on where they feel the sector is going with impact measurement, what they’re excited about right now, and the important alignment and strategic partnership between Vera Solutions and Exponent Partners. 

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • Why Exponent Partners and Vera Solutions are partnering to provide impact measurement information systems for nonprofit organizations
  • Trends they see in the nonprofit sector that get them excited about the future
  • The challenges holding back nonprofits from being successful with impact measurement
  • What technology changes they see happening in this sector and how nonprofits can get ready for what the future holds

Access this on-demand recording today!

On-Demand: FORMulating Impactful Data Management Strategies

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Watch this webinar, recorded in June 2022 to discover how the City of Boulder Amplifies Impact By Using Exponent Case Management and Formstack as part of their data management strategy.

When it comes to data, it’s best to act strategically and proactively instead of ad hoc and reactive. Data management includes all the processes for proactively collecting, organizing, protecting, storing, and sharing data. If your human services organization understands how important data is in decision-making and creating efficiencies, you probably have some data management tools in place.

Are these data management processes working together efficiently? Are there gaps where additional tools can help you capture data meaningfully that aligns with your organization’s overall mission?

Watch this webinar featuring the City of Boulder’s Senior Data Analyst and Salesforce Admin, Nicolia Eldred-Skemp to discover how human services organizations and government agencies alike can use the thousands of integrations available on Salesforce to capture, manage and store client data effectively. We’ll walk through how the City of Boulder uses Formstack forms and documents to capture client information and Exponent Case Management to manage, analyze, report on outcomes, and drive radically better impact for the communities they serve.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how you can: 

  • Effortlessly manage and track client data
  • Save staff time with data entry and data management
  • Create complex personalized communication and legal documents
  • Access thousands of tools to support your organization

Register here!

Nicolia Eldred-Skemp
Senior Data Analyst and Salesforce Administrator, City of Boulder

Nicolia Eldred-Skemp is a Senior Data Analyst and Salesforce System Administrator for the City of Boulder’s Housing and Human Services Department. She supports 10 different programs utilizing Salesforce and ECM, with focus areas ranging from providing child care subsidies to low income families, to providing eviction prevention assistance and community mediation services, to managing millions of dollars federal grants for affordable housing projects and permanently affordable homeownership opportunities. 

Prior to moving to Colorado, Nicolia received her Master of Public Health (MPH) in Epidemiology at Columbia University and worked as a data analyst for a variety of public health nonprofits, local governments, and academic institutions in Oregon, New York, and California. She lives with her husband, toddler, and two cats in Lafayette, Colorado.

Marthe Rana
Marketing Manager, Exponent Case Management 

Marthe Rana has spent the last 5 years working with social good enterprises. Prior to that, she spent a decade working in the market research and software industry. She’s a multifaceted marketer skilled in event planning, creative design, project management, client services, social media and integrated marketing. 

When she’s not doing the marketing thing, you can find her coast side with her French Bulldog, Aurora.

Mira Greene
Solution Engineer, Exponent Partners

Mira spent over a decade working in nonprofit management for both arts and human services organizations before joining the Exponent Partners team. Her first-hand experience as a lone Salesforce Admin juggling many other responsibilities allows her to work with customers to quickly understand their unique business processes and data needs, with an emphasis on reducing administrative work through process automation and using dashboards and reporting to help program staff take ownership of data.

When not at work trying to keep her cat from walking across her keyboard, Mira enjoys baking, reading, reading about baking, and aggressively hugging her training partners in Brazilian jiu jitsu.

Connor Frisina
Account Executive, Formstack  

Connor has been with Formstack for over a year and specializes in consulting with new customers to find the best solution that fits their needs. His expertise is around understanding use-cases at a high-level and matching Formstack’s capabilities with those use-cases. He has a wide range of examples on how Formstack has been used with; non-profits, higher-ed, healthcare, financial services, and more. 

When he’s not talking about Formstack, you can find him enjoying the great outdoors of Colorado. In his free time, you can guarantee he’s either skiing, fly fishing, camping, hiking, or riding around in his Jeep.

Young professional Black woman working on a laptop

Dreamin’ in Color

Marriott Crabtree Valley
Raleigh, North Carolina

We are thrilled to be a sponsor of Dreamin’ in Color, a conference event geared towards current or aspiring Black Salesforce professionals and those who support their growth and development. Taking place in Raleigh, North Carolina, on June 30 and July 1, this event will create the opportunity for the community to come together to discuss how to overcome obstacles, succeed, grow thriving careers even build businesses in the Salesforce ecosystem. The conference is stacked with fantastic sessions that provide learning technical and career-oriented learning opportunities. Not only that, there’s a Diversity Career Fair, a cookout the first night and many networking opportunities. This event is not to be missed!

We would love the opportunity to connect with you at Dreamin’ in Color in Raleigh. Register here. Hope to see you there!



Group of volunteers sitting outdoors

Nonprofit Summit 2022


The team at Exponent Partners is thrilled to be sponsoring the second annual Nonprofit Summit, a virtual event taking place on May 17-18, 2022. This event will is sure to inspire Trailblazers to rise to the occasion of the world’s most pressing issues and celebrate how important relationships and community can be.

The second annual virtual Nonprofit Summit will help attendees craft better relationships with the people who care about their mission, leverage data to measure and demonstrate their impact, and build a sustainable, stronger foundation to thrive now and into the future.

This exciting virtual event, taking place over two days to accommodate global participants and multiple time zones, will allow attendees to see industry-leading speakers on the global mainstage, connect with other members of the community, experience hands-on training and learning sessions and take their skills to the next level at the 28 different sessions and tracks. This is truly a must-experience event for nonprofit staff, program leaders, executives or those looking to understand how Salesforce powers some of the industry’s most impactful changemakers.

Hope to see you there! Register for Nonprofit Summit 2022 today.


NAWDP 2022

We’re beyond excited to sponsor the National Association of Workforce Development Professionals Annual conference this year.  Join NAWDP and us for the 38th Annual Conference May 16-18, 2022 to learn about best practices and strategies on how you can reimagine workforce by raising the bar for the skill sets of workforce professionals, looking at how workforce programs are funded, new ways to determine our purpose in the communities we serve, and creating new workforce partnerships.

This year NAWDP is hosting a hybrid event. The in person event is sold out, but you can still attend virtually through the conference platform. Virtual attendees will get access to all recorded sessions after the conference. Sessions will be geared to attendees from the full range of career experience in the industry, from senior leaders to entry-level employees and will focus on the following learning tracks:

  1. Innovation in Virtual and Hybrid Environments
  2. Personal Growth and Self Care
  3. Program Administration and Management
  4. Recruiting and Engaging the Workforce of Today and Tomorrow
  5. Prosperity Through Partnership

NAWDP’s Annual Conference has become one of the largest gatherings of workforce development professionals, with more than 1,000 attendees from every corner of the country and every segment of the industry.

Register here and be sure to stop by booth #31.

On Demand: Exponent Case Management Introductory Webinar

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Exponent Case Management (ECM) helps you collect data while you work, making it possible to track your results and connect your day-to-day activities to your outcomes. Built on the Salesforce platform, ECM works with all types of programs and has you covered: monitor program intake and output, track services, plan effective interventions, report on compliance, outcomes and all your great work!

Watch this introductory webinar to understand:
– relevant features and capabilities of ECM and Salesforce
– how ECM can reduce the time staff spend on paperwork
– what to expect when moving your agency to ECM