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Virtual Conference: Good Tech Fest 2020 – May 20

Good Tech Fest brings together people from nonprofits, foundations, government, social enterprises, and technology companies who are interested in learning and sharing about how technology and data can be used to drive social impact. From CEOs and Executive Directors to program managers and product developers. If you care about social impact and nerd out about data and technology, Good Tech Fest is for you!  Nonprofits can register for free using the promo code JOINUS.

Going Virtual in 2020 due to COVID-19

Originally planned to take place in Chicago, Good Tech Fest is shifting sessions online. There are a number of benefits switching to a virtual conference model and Good Tech Fest hopes to use this opportunity to innovate, reach more people, and build a larger global audience. Registration costs have been lowered to increase accessibility and registration guarantees over 50 hours of Good Tech Fest content and nearly 100 webinars from their Data Analysts for Social Good library. As part of this effort, organizers are also hosting regional watch parties, happy hours, and building an online community that can connect throughout the year. Check out 2020 Good Tech Fest agenda to get inspired!

Don’t Miss these Good Tech Fest Sessions with Exponent Partners

Supercharged Logic Model: Using Technology as a Bridge between Program Implementation and Evaluation

This session will explore the benefits of using technology to make evaluation frameworks like a Theory of Change or a Logic Model come to life. Explore how technology such as CRM, data visualization tools and analytical programs can be used to help social impact organizations map the data they collect back to their mission and goals through program evaluation frameworks, and better tell the story of their progress. We will demonstrate how organizations can get this powerful information in front of their teams to manage outcomes in real time. We will also talk about how Exponent Partners helps social impact organizations create continuous improvement processes and measure their missions using some of these strategies and tools.

This session will be a hybrid of talk, demo and workshop. We will open by presenting our approach and providing background through some specific case studies, then we will demo some examples of how we have used technology to create Living Logic Models and finally we will guide participants through a short visioning exercise to assess how they can begin this work at their own organizations.


Kelly Dwyer, Senior Solution Architect, Exponent Partners
Amy Willard, Senior Consultant, Exponent Partners

Nonprofit Data Sharing: How the Chicago Benchmarking Collaborative Improves Pre-K Literacy and Math Skills for Low-Income Children

This session will explore the use of Einstein Analytics to help nonprofits track program outcomes for actionable insights.

Chicago Benchmarking Collaborative (CBC) is an alliance of seven education and human service agencies dedicated to increasing the quality of services offered to low-income families in Chicago’s most underserved neighborhoods. Christopher House serves as both a member of CBC as well the Collaborative’s Project Manager.

Prior to launching the Salesforce platform with Exponent Case Management (ECM) and Salesforce Einstein Analytics, time-consuming reporting meant infrequent benchmarking and lessened the value of the collaborative.

Exponent Partners has designed a central benchmarking data warehouse powered by Einstein Analytics, which allows the Collaborative to spot trends, problem solve together, and test the most effective strategies for teacher interventions. Einstein Analytics also allows CBC agencies to easily share data visualizations with parents for an immediate impact.

The session will also include a live demo of Einstein dashboards.


Traci Stanley, Director of Quality Assurance, Christopher House
Katie VanderHeide, Database Administrator, Erie Neighborhood House
Meg Monti, Sr. Technical Project Manager, Exponent Partners 

Amplifying Equity and Representation at Your Organization

Building an organization that fosters equity and representation is critical to remaining competitive in the global technology economy. Learn some steps that leaders can take to tackle the myriad of factors (negative culture, inequitable pay, promotion bias, etc.) inhibiting equity in the tech workforce.

Come join us to hear how Amplify, an all volunteer organization, challenges tech companies to be more inclusive and how Exponent Partners prioritizes diversity, equity, and inclusion in their organization culture and practices.

This session will help you gain resources for awareness and tools to bring back to your work and life.

Key Takeaways:

– Meet Amplify, a nonprofit striving to create a world where underrepresented voices have equity and representation in all areas of technology.

– Resources for raising awareness and taking action in your personal and professional life.