Amplifying Equity and Representation at Your Organization

In honor of Women’s History Month, join Susan Tobes, Vice President of Business Development at Exponent Partners and Marisa Lopez, President of Amplify to learn methods for amplifying equity and representation at your organization. This engaging session will feature a case study on reducing the pay gap.

Building an organization that fosters equity and representation is critical to remaining competitive in the global technology economy. Learn some steps that leaders can take to tackle the myriad of factors (negative culture, inequitable pay, promotion bias, etc.) inhibiting equity in the tech workforce.

Come join us to hear how Amplify, an all volunteer organization, challenges tech companies to be more inclusive and how Exponent Partners prioritizes diversity, equity, and inclusion in their organization culture and practices.

This 45-minute webinar on Thursday, March 26th at 10am PT / 1pm ET will include time for Q&A discussion and will help you gain resources for awareness and tools to bring back to your work and life.


Marisa Lopez
President @Amplify
Amplify works to create a world where underrepresented voices have equity and representation in all areas of technology. As President of Amplify and West Coast Senior Business Development Manager at Attain, Marisa is a results-driven leader in the dynamic world of Nonprofit Technology. She self-defines as an innovator, social entrepreneur, technology therapist, Salesforce evangelist, mother, and Ocean Advocate. She also leads Amplify, an organization that empowers underrepresented voices to be fearless leaders in technology.

Susan Tobes
Vice President, Business Development @Exponent Partners
Susan is charged with leading revenue growth for Exponent Partners. She is responsible for all sales, marketing and partner relationships. Susan has been working in the ecosystem for nearly 15 years. Susan considers herself a change agent and passionate customer advocate. She has a professional interest in the changing landscape of technology for nonprofits and making social impact.