Exploring the New Nonprofit Cloud

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Exponent Partners presents a live demo, uncovering the powerful features of the New Nonprofit Cloud—an innovative Salesforce Cloud tailored for program and case management, fundraising, and outcomes management. 

In this engaging presentation, our experts will guide you through a comprehensive understanding of the Nonprofit Cloud’s capabilities, including its intuitive data model, the power of industry Common Components, and a practical understanding of the versatile Person Account model. The live demo will primarily spotlight the advanced features of case management and program management within the latest iteration of the Nonprofit Cloud. See how these elements seamlessly integrate, offering a unified solution for:

  • Streamlined case and program management
  • Creating personalized case plans effortlessly
  • Delivering services seamlessly
  • Real-time tracking of program progress

This webinar is your chance to discover the potential of a unified platform designed to enhance your nonprofit’s efficiency. Fill out the form to see how the New Nonprofit Cloud promotes improved staff collaboration and productivity, empowering your team to make a meaningful social impact. Through actionable insights, you’ll improve program delivery, measure outcomes, and build strong, trust-based relationships with stakeholders—contributing to sustained growth and progress.