Strategy for a Results-Focused Organization

We know that nonprofits are strapped for resources, especially when it comes to technology. That often means that you don’t have the bandwidth or resources to set a strategy, but you recognize the importance of technology to the future of your organization. Our technology experts will partner with your staff, who are experts in your mission, to effectively chart a course through important technology decisions for your organization.

Strategy for All Stages

Your organization may have a complex set of systems that you are looking to consolidate, or you might be looking to move from spreadsheets to a brand-new system. You might have just begun to track metrics, you might be monitoring your organization’s performance, or you might be managing to outcomes. No matter where you are on this spectrum, we can help you create an approach to technology that supports your mission now and in the future.

Whole Organization Strategy

As your organization and its programs grow, you’ll want to manage more organizational processes with efficient and effective systems. A whole organization strategy brings all of your data into one system so you can understand performance in all facets, including across all your departments (programs, finance, human resources, development, etc.). You also want to see the interplay of these areas so that your staff can work cohesively. Each strategy we develop takes into account this whole organization mindset and recommends systems structures for your entire nonprofit.


Get started designing a technology strategy to support your mission today. We’ve helped over 500 clients take the first steps toward better data and more informed decisions. Contact us to find out more about our strategy services.

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Whether you are looking for a technology roadmap or you need help choosing the right Salesforce-compatible tools for your needs, contact us to learn how our services can help you.

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