Celebrating the AppExchange’s 10th: Enabling Social Change for Human Services Agencies

Patrick Shaw Human Services Practice Manager Birthdays are for reflection. As the AppExchange turns 10, we’re reflecting on our journey to the AppExchange with Exponent Case Management and our vision for its impact on human services sector. Our app is designed

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Texting for Change: Reaching Students & Human Services Clients in the Modern Age

Patrick Shaw Human Services Practice Manager It’s not a controversial statement to say that the way people communicate now is very different from when nonprofits first started using Salesforce. Whether for work or in their personal lives, people are moving

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CalendarAnything App: Tales of Nonprofit Scheduling Success

If your organization is looking to manage schedules through Salesforce, you may want to investigate CalendarAnything. It’s a versatile calendar app with Salesforce integration and offers features from project planning to appointment scheduling. Community Gatepath, a Silicon Valley nonprofit we work with, uses CalendarAnything to help manage their

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Partnership with Box.org Offers Nonprofits Powerful Content Collaboration Technology

Colleen McCarthy Director of Marketing We’re excited to announce that Box.org and Exponent Partners are teaming up to offer new technology solutions for social change to the nonprofit sector. Together, our organizations are looking to give

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A Nonprofit Perspective on Accounting Seed, a Salesforce App

Kerry Vineberg Marketing Associate We often speak to nonprofits about their struggles with the disconnected nature of their Salesforce and accounting systems. Integration can be a compelling prospect: giving staff greater

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Education Nonprofits Using Salesforce: What Needs Code Versus Clicks?

Kathy Dunne Education Practice Lead Susan Harrison Developer and Solution Consultant Education nonprofits have a special set of needs, from attendance tracking to teacher recruitment. You may be thinking about

We’re Giving Thanks For Free Salesforce Admin Tools

We asked our team for some of their favorite tools that nonprofit system admins can use to make their lives easier. How many of these do you use? Data Quality 1. Dataloader.io: Easily import, export, and delete data in Salesforce. Schedule imports, auto-map and more… what’s not to

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Process Donations in Salesforce: Click & Pledge

James Bullard Senior Consultant Online fundraising is a key part of many nonprofits’ development strategies. You may already be collecting other types of donor data on Salesforce®. In order to

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Quick Custom Salesforce Interface Tools

Matthew Botos Technical Architect Salesforce offers nonprofits many opportunities to customize their daily interface with “clicks not code”, saving money and allowing them to focus on their main mission. Moving to the next level of productivity often requires

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