Cameron Smith

Junior Consultant

Prior to becoming part of the Exponent Partners ‘ohana, Cameron has an 18-year background in photography and small business management/ownership. Cameron comes from a 2-year role at a nonprofit organization as a Salesforce Administrator. In this role, he provided solutions for clients with over a hundred users, based on their organization’s needs. During this role, he developed a passion for helping nonprofits and making an impact on others’ lives.

Living in Hawaii, Cameron enjoys the many outdoor activities including bodyboarding, hiking, and paddleboarding. He has a wife and a daughter who just turned 4. He also has a fat, grumpy cat that he has a love-hate relationship with.

Leland McKeithan

Senior Consultant

Leland has been working with nonprofits in one way or another for 20 years. She has a background in philanthropy, grants management, database implementation, event planning, and project management. Before joining Exponent Partners, she worked at South Arts, where she led the charge to implement a centralized CRM, fundraising tool, and grants management system on the Salesforce platform. Prior to that Leland served as director of the regional arts trade show Performing Arts Exchange (PAE). Leland served as Grants Administrator for JP Morgan Philanthropic Services, Program Officer for Southern Partners Fund, and as a Consultant for many clients including the Southeastern Council of Foundations.

Leland has been the lead vocalist for several local community big bands and currently leads a small jazz combo. She is an avid Latin social dancer and extends a standing invitation for anyone who wants to shake a tail feather!

A native of North Carolina, Leland studied at Boston University, School of Fine Arts, and Sarah Lawrence College, where she earned her B.A. in political science. She lives in metro Atlanta with her twin sister.

Alexa Chiappetta

Junior Consultant

Alexa Chiappetta spent nearly a decade in the nonprofit world, holding positions in higher education and various arts and culture organizations in New York City and Baltimore. Prior to joining Exponent Partners, she served as the Salesforce Administrator at the Maryland Center for History and Culture for 2.5 years where she taught herself Salesforce while overhauling the organization’s Salesforce implementation. She loves to streamline and automate business processes and help others work smarter, not harder!

Alexa has a BA in Art History and French Studies from Wesleyan University and an MA in Museum Studies and Nonprofit Management from The Johns Hopkins University. She resides in Baltimore with her husband and two very spoiled cats, Albus and Leia. Outside of work, Alexa enjoys running, hiking, cooking, and traveling.

Crystal Drakes

Business Development Representative

Crystal Drakes combines a solid foundation in sales, with five years of experience, and a commitment to expanding her knowledge through pursuing a Master’s in Business Administration. Crystal’s professional journey is marked by a commitment to excellence and a forward-thinking approach, ensuring she remains at the forefront of industry advancements. Her professional path includes involvement in community service, her most cherished volunteer experience was as a caretaker at a primate sanctuary.

Her personal interests align closely with her professional values. Crystal is passionate about outdoor activities, including hiking and camping, and has a keen interest in exploring different cultures through travel, enriching her understanding and perspective.

Matt Nevins

Account Executive

Matt’s journey into the nonprofit world started with a passion for sustainability, protecting nature, and delivering impact. He has spent the majority of his career working for, volunteering at and partnering with nonprofit organizations to help build and manage programs while also implementing new systems. Holding a Masters of Environmental Studies, Matt has explored unique methods and market-based mechanisms that nonprofits can use to raise funds outside of traditional fundraising.

As an Account Executive, Matt works with nonprofit leaders as a guide along their digital transformation journey, overcoming barriers and delivering unique solutions to maximize community impact and mission delivery.

Matt loves being outdoors, learning new things, and keeping active through various club sports.

Rich Todd

Account Executive

Meet Rich, a seasoned Account Executive with over two decades of experience in SaaS sales. He has worked with notable companies such as Survey Monkey, Oracle, and Zuora, where he excelled in driving sales and building strong client relationships. Beyond his sales achievements, Rich is dedicated to supporting nonprofit organizations by offering tailored solutions to help advance their missions.

With a deep understanding of the nonprofit sector and a genuine commitment to philanthropy, Rich naturally embodies the role of a reliable resource for organizations navigating the complexities of the digital landscape while staying true to their altruistic goals.

Rich’s involvement in community service spans over 15 years, during which he has actively volunteered with local charities, utilizing his technological expertise to empower individuals and organizations alike.

In his personal pursuits, Rich is an enthusiastic hiker, having completed an impressive journey of 800 miles in just three months during a recent sabbatical. His passion for personal growth and exploration mirrors his professional approach, always seeking new challenges and opportunities for advancement.

Rick Enriquez


Rick has been working in various roles within the Salesforce ecosystem for more than 10 years. Over the years, he helped large enterprises by coming up with scalable solutions using Salesforce and managing the development and deployment of these solutions to enhance business processes.

He likes to unwind by playing with a ukulele club, especially after he realized that his playing tends to sound much better when there are 20 to 50 other people playing the same songs at the same time.

Ava Turner


Ava is a certified Salesforce Consultant with a project and client relationship management background. She is a career transitioner advancing through the Salesforce ecosystem as a business analyst, account manager, and project manager. After spending more than a decade working in the hospitality industry, she has spent most of her Salesforce career executing implementations for nonprofit organizations. Ava enjoys contributing to the incredible Salesforce community by attending user events and serving as the Speakers and Sessions committee lead for Dreamin’ in Color, one of the largest events for Black Salesforce professionals.

Ava holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration from The University of Georgia and lives in metro Atlanta.

Julie Kornowski


Julie is the Controller at Exponent Partners. Her expertise and dedication to our mission will undoubtedly help us unlock even greater value for nonprofits in education, human services, and philanthropy. With over 20 years of management experience and prior experience at another BCorporation, Julie is the perfect fit to drive our mission forward.

Shaun Frecska

Director of Sales

Shaun is Director of Sales at Exponent Partners. Background in leading and building sales for non-profits, IT hardware/consulting services, staff augmentation, digital marketing and launched shelf-stable, school breakfast meals company. He has two degrees, Bachelors in Psychology and Masters in Human Development, which have positioned him well to architect and execute a variety of sales coaching and growth strategies. Recently moved to Roseville, Ohio with his wife and three dogs – figuring out his new “country living” on 11 wooded acres.

Strong passion for his three kids (ages 17, 21 and 22) and cooking up a variety of meals – tying in as much of his Hungarian ethnicity as possible.

Evan Callahan

Manager, Client Services

Evan has designed and implemented Salesforce solutions for 18 years. He brings a Product Management focus to nonprofit systems, seeking to measure and increase our clients’ impact.

Prior to Exponent Partners, Evan served as a business systems leader at, and was a consultant to a broad spectrum of nonprofits, including environmental groups, human services agencies, and community foundations. He holds five Salesforce Certifications including Nonprofit Cloud Consultant.

A native of Washington State, Evan lives on Whidbey Island where he enjoys sailing, paddling, and swimming in the chilly waters of Puget Sound. He graduated from the University of Washington with a B.A. in Philosophy.