Nonprofit Cloud vs. Nonprofit Success Pack: A Salesforce Comparison Guide

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At Exponent Partners, we are dedicated to unlocking the value of information systems to help nonprofits drive greater social impact. Our purpose is reflected in our commitment to providing you with a comprehensive side-by-side comparison of Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) and Nonprofit Cloud (NPC). This guide focuses on the technical aspects, offering insights into features and functionalities that can enhance your organization’s operations.

Download the guide to discover: 

  • Detailed comparison of Salesforce’s two nonprofit solutions
  • Insightful analysis of technical distinctions
  • Exploration of new features introduced with Nonprofit Cloud
  • Expert guidance from our seasoned consultant team

As passionate advocates for social change, we are committed to being your ally in driving greater impact. We believe in empowering nonprofits to achieve their goals and make a meaningful difference in the world. Our guide offers transformative insights into design distinctions, constituent management, case management, program management, grantmaking, and more. While this guide delves deep into technical aspects, it doesn’t explore the unique essence of your organization—your vision, mission, and strategy. Consider it an open invitation to connect with our Salesforce experts for a tailored discussion.

Take action today to unlock your nonprofit’s potential. Download the guide and schedule a consultation with our team to discover how Exponent Partners can help you drive greater impact and achieve your mission. Together, let’s make a difference.