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New Implementation Partner: Exact Change Strategies

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Exact Change Strategies (ECS) is a dynamic, forward-thinking consulting agency specializing in performance management system design. With a focus on program evaluation, assessments, compliance, and outcomes, ECS helps organizations scale their impact. As an official implementation partner, ECS leverages Exponent Case Management as the leading Salesforce platform solution for managing program outcomes.

Image: Blue sky and ocean with ECM Implementatin Partner Exact Change Strategies logotype

Founded by Ananda Moss-Byas and Jill Nilson, ECS brings more than 35 years’ combined experience in Human Services. ECS provides technical support consulting services to national and regional multi-service youth and family and early childhood organizations, educational institutions, behavioral and public health systems, and youth and adult justice entities.

Program Outcomes and Performance Management

ECS believes that establishing a performance management system can advance organizational processes and align employees to strategic objectives. ECS has developed an accelerated methodology to help organizations create, build and realize their strategic vision. From data collection to project management, the team’s subject matter expertise is essential to designing program evaluation and reporting systems for continuous improvement. Their dedication to performance management is a perfect fit for the goals of Exponent Case Management.

“We are thrilled to be able to diversify our services with the Salesforce platform by offering Exponent Case Management to customers,” said Ananda Moss-Byas, Principal/Co-Founder of ECS.  “Exponent Partners has an impeccable reputation in the sector, and we are honored to be selected as an implementation partner.”

About Exponent Case Management

Exponent Case Management is built for the needs of today’s human services agencies. You need to prove results to your funders, access data that tells you how to improve your programs, and reduce manual work for your staff. Our product provides automated workflow and alerts, access on mobile devices, drag and drop reporting, and outcomes measurement. Want to see ECM in action? Register for our next webinar and live demo.

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