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Fundraising Favorites in the Nonprofit Success Pack Release

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By: Lara Hoke Kimberley

I think I speak for many of us when I say that the past two months have felt like a year. So perhaps you will not be shocked that it’s been nearly five years since the game-changing release of the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) 3.0. The previous August 2015 release included new functionality but—most importantly—it was the transition from a set of individual applications to a managed package with a clear vision that was truly transformational. There have been significant enhancements over the past five years, but nothing quite like what was released last week. As a Premium Salesforce Partner, Exponent Partners participated in the pilot programs for many of these new features. We had the opportunity to see and test the exciting new products and NPSP features and provide feedback to help shape their functionality.

Read the full release details and check out some of my favorite new features below.

Accounting Subledger

To clients migrating off of Raiser’s Edge or looking to more easily integrate Salesforce with their accounting systems the architecture, automation, and reporting are finally here for you! You will now be able to manage allocations at the payment level, automate credit and debit codes, and record adjustments and write-offs. Perhaps most valuably, you will be able to report on all these things in a way that will make sense to your accounting system.

The accounting subledger functionality requires licensing for production orgs but is available in sandboxes and developer orgs for testing purposes.

Enhanced Recurring Donations

NPSP Recurring Donations are a powerful tool for tracking a series of gifts given over time. However many organizations have found the scheduling of gift series and the management of future gifts challenging. Enter Enhanced Recurring Donations – now with more intuitive field labels, scheduling functionality, and clear differences between the types of recurring donations.

Enhanced Recurring Donations is available to all NPSP organizations but does require preparation work and roll-out planning. Read more about how to roll it out to your organization here.


Elevate is a suite of online fundraising products. At the time of release, Elevate includes the following products:

Giving Pages allows you to easily create donation forms for your website, allowing your organization to accept both single and recurring online donations. Gifts made through Giving Pages are designed to flow seamlessly into the NPSP.

Payment Services is a payment processing solution that allows NPSP organizations to process payments via Giving Pages or your own web donation forms. Using Payment Services you will also be able to process payments directly within Salesforce.

Engagement Hub is an online platform for your donors and volunteers, creating a central hub for giving and volunteering activities.

Elevate requires licensing. Read more details about the Elevate platform.

Which Nonprofit Success Pack Features are Right for Your Organization?

One of the best things about the Salesforce platform is the flexibility nonprofits can leverage to pick-and-choose features and add-on apps. This ability to expand on top of a platform is why many oroganizations opt for Salesforce instead of a closed-box, standalone, point solution.

With all this flexibility, comes complexity. That’s where consultants like Exponent Partners are key to your success. You need a trusted advisor when evaluating adding additional features and  enhancing your existing Salesforce architecture. We can help you navigate these new features and decide if, when, and how they can be implemented to ensure maximum impact. Contact us today to get started!

Read more information about Nonprofit Cloud’s new program and case management features in the 2020 release.