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Customer Success: Which Plan is Right for Your Organization?

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As trusted advisors who are most familiar with your system’s design, we are your partners in long-term Salesforce success. Our comprehensive customer success plans include support for both your day-to-day questions, as well as the ongoing optimizations your organization needs. As partners in your Salesforce journey, we’re here for you when you need us.

Beyond a Service Desk: Essential and Enhanced Support

Our Essential Support offering is ideal for organizations already equipped with in-house system administrators with the capacity and knowledge to handle the day-to-day management of their Salesforce system. This offering is best for organizations who anticipate “business as usual” in the foreseeable future when it comes to your system.

Essential support includes access to the Success Center team, portal, and Exponent Knowledge Base. When issues or questions arise, you can submit service desk tickets or submit questions to the community portal, where you will receive public answers from one of our experts. We also provide regular informational updates on releases to help ensure you are taking advantage of those features that continue to improve your system.

For clients requiring a more hands-on approach, but not ready for managed services, we developed our Enhanced Support offering. This offering includes all of the Essential Support services plus a primary point of contact in the Success Center. This primary point of contact allows for clients to set goals and more proactively manage support for their system, especially when time and resources are limited. Enhanced Support may also include a set of recurring benefits such as system administration and maintenance.

Adding Capacity with a Trusted Expert: Virtual Admin

For nonprofit organizations that lack system administration resources, capacity and/or expertise, the Virtual Admin support offering may provide the perfect balance of support and value to maintain the health of and value of ongoing optimizations of your Salesforce system. As virtual extensions of your team, Virtual Admins support managing the current strategy while helping to plan for future data and system goals.

Virtual Admins serve as trusted partners to the organizations they support. They bring deep expertise in systems management and technical execution to our clients and can reduce the cost of recruiting and hiring full-time system administration support. Virtual Admins can also help by identifying and reporting on KPIs, building dashboards to demonstrate success, and prioritize enhancements to be completed over a period of time.

Strategic, Proactive Support: Managed Services

High-growth and large nonprofit organizations will benefit from the year-round strategic management consulting the Managed Services support offering provides. Not only will you be working with a dedicated Exponent managed services consultant, but you will have access to our entire network of specialists, all with a deep knowledge of Salesforce, ECM, and the nonprofit world including deep domain expertise.

With our managed services offerings, we take a proactive approach to optimizing your Salesforce systems. As an extension of your team, our consultants are able to utilize the understanding and knowledge gained over a long-term relationship to proactively identify opportunities, trends, optimizations and even anticipate and solve issues before they turn into problems.

Together with internal team members, Exponent consultants identify priorities, create work plans for ongoing enhancements, and monitor and report back on performance metrics. They also offer best practice support, advisory services, ongoing training opportunities and can assist with change management and ongoing strategic planning.

Whatever solution is right for you, all of Exponent’s Customer Success support offerings have been developed to help our clients better leverage the Salesforce platform across whole organizations and create a safety net of institutional knowledge in the event you experience staff turnover or other changes in priority. Our offerings also ensure you have ready access to a full range of expertise on the cutting edge of Salesforce platform knowledge and trends in how nonprofits are leveraging the power of the platform to support digital transformation and support successful adoption over time.

Interested in learning more? Talk to your Exponent Partners consultant or contact us to schedule an overview of our Salesforce Customer Success offerings.