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Observations from 2018

My interactions with clients, prospects, colleagues, partners, leaders and influencers in the nonprofit space have been a source of inspiration for me over the past 12 months. I am constantly reminded of…

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Client Story

Case Study: Breakthrough

Client Description Breakthrough partners with those affected by poverty to build connections, develop skills, and open doors of opportunity. Breakthrough is intentionally located in and works alongside residents in East Garfield Park….

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TAG Conference 2018 – Impressions

I was fortunate to have attended the TAG 2018 Annual Conference last week in Tucson, AZ. As I expected, it was an incredible opportunity to network, explore and learn alongside others who…

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Breakthrough New York Manages Student Lifecycle with Salesforce

Our client Breakthrough New York prepares motivated low-income students for college graduation with a transformative program that includes a 10-year commitment from sixth grade through college. How do they maintain high-quality student…

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Blog Takes on Program and Impact is moving into program management and impact management with intentionality, and that is big and welcome news for all of us who work in the social change information systems ecosystem! A…

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Dreamforce Roundup

The annual Salesforce user conference finished up on Friday, September 28 and, once again, it was an amazing spectacle. Somewhere north of 150,000 people flooded session rooms around downtown San Francisco, all…

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Dreamforce Through the Eyes of a Rookie

Unlike my colleague, Sean Speer, I’m not a Dreamforce veteran. Truth be told, I’m a Dreamforce rookie and 2018 was my first time attending this epic event. It certainly won’t be my…

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Being a Dreamforce Veteran

As a San Franciscan working in the nonprofit Salesforce ecosystem, there are two big events each year that vie for my attention: Dreamforce and Burning Man. Some years they overlap, whereas other…

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Exponent Partners is Now an Amplify Sponsor

We are proud to announce that Exponent Partners is now an Amplify sponsor!   Impact. Innovation. Diversity. These are the core values of Exponent Partners; they are the values that motivate our…

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Client Story

Case Study: The Campbell Foundation

Client Description A family foundation that believes in strategic infusions of funding, The Campbell Foundation dedicates nearly 100% of their grant dollars to the environment. As citizens of the planet, they are…

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